how much does a website cost

How Much Does a Website Cost to Build?

There’s one thing everyone wants to know when planning to establish a new website – how much will it cost? Some might say that finding an answer can be likened to determining “how long is a piece of string?”. However, we are going to take you through the steps of…

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forgot email password

Accessing CPanel without Password

Email passwords are required on a daily basis to send and receive emails from every email account in the world. Managing and maintaining passwords is critical to uninterrupted access to the services that they provide. Fortunately, if you are someone who doesn’t place a large emphasis on password storage, there…

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email setup icon

Email Setup – Server Settings

There are over 50 different email clients that can be used to send and receive email and each of those has various different versions of software which all act and look different from the previous version. Because of this, we’ve created this page to help define the default settings for…

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Why Is It Important to Keep WordPress Updated?

There are many reasons for keeping your WordPress installation and it’s supplementary plugins up-to-date. In this post, we will cover the some of the reasons that you should keep your website updated in the hope that you will gain an understanding of the pros and cons of doing so. Access…

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hosts file

How To Edit Your Hosts File – Windows 7

Editing the hosts file can prove quite valuable when you are waiting for your domain name to “propagate” across the the world wide web. DNS propagation can take anywhere between 4-48 hours so there is a great deal of the unknown when waiting for your website to come up. Fortunately,…

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cpanel login screen

Managing Email Accounts using CPanel

Adding, deleting and managing email accounts with CPanel is quick and easy. In this guide we will provide step by step instructions on how to access CPanel (the management system that controls your hosting account) and provide advice and guidance on adding a new email account. Once you have added…

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Cpanel Email Forwarders Menu

Setting Up Email Auto Responders or Vacation Messages

If your office is closing over the holidays, it’s a good idea to setup auto-responders on your email account. Auto-responders will let customers or associates aware that you are away should you receive any emails during this time. For Oley Media Group hosting clients, you can create auto-responders in your…

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Email Help

Email Help – A Basic Troubleshooting Guide

Email is a very complex beast that troubles many small businesses. Email is a critical aspect of running a business so making sure it is always up and operational is imperative. Unfortunately, with all the moving pieces of email, there are always problems that arise and cause problems for the…

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