Best Logo Design in Melbourne

It goes without saying that the design of your logo plays a huge role in overall perception of your brand. Your logo is a statement of who your business is. It shows if you are small or large, traditional or on the forefront of change and progress.

View Our Logo Design PortfolioThe process of the design itself isn’t as simple as you might think. There are a variety of steps and things to be taken into consideration to create a logo that stands out, is memorable and shows the prospect that you are professionals.

What makes a great logo?

Logo Design Melbourne Portfolio SampleOne of the first decisions the designer has to make is what the visual motive will be. Whether to logo will be image-based, typographic (based on stylised text), or a combination of both. The combination is definitely the most prevalent, because it pairs the advantages of image and typography. This is so important because if your logo isn’t legible and easy to read, it will “turn off” the viewer and have the opposite impact that you want.

Well designed logo should be original. You don’t want to be accused of plagiarism. It should be identifiable, able to be instantly recognised. It also should be memorable, which can be achieved by being distinct and simple. It’s best when it’s future-proof, saving you the hassle of redesigning it after a year or two.

There are even legal matters to consider. Apart from copyright issues you should be aware of the possible interpretations of your logo. There can be ambiguity thanks to ethnic, regional and age differences. What is a clearly communicated message for a senior in Japan can at the same time be perceived as something to laugh at by a youngster in Europe.


If you want a logo that:

  • Stands out from the competition
  • Is timeless and can be used for generations and…
  • Reflects the quality of your business

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