What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords lets you promote your products and services alongside Google’s search results or on Google partner sites. It’s a pay-per-click type of advertising which means you only pay when a web user actually clicks on your ad.

The price you pay is dependent upon your maximum bid, bids offered by other advertisers interested in the same keywords as you, and a quality score Google assigns to your website that is related to your keywords. These factors also impact on your ad’s position and therefore the number of times it gets clicked.

Why use it?

It’s a great way to attract the attention of web users who are searching for products and services related to your business. People who want to do business with someone in your industry. People who are motivated buyers. People who are ready to spend now.

Plus you can buy today and get top results today – there’s no waiting around for your rankings to improve – it’s instant! You also have the freedom to start and stop to suit your budget. You decide how much you want to spend and when you want to spend it.

Partner with a Google AdWords specialist and you will maximise the return you receive from your Google AdWords investment.

Oley Media Group has the expert knowledge to plan, design, test and implement an effective Google AdWords campaign that’s also very cost efficient for you.

We’ll take care to ensure your campaign is optimised to suit your business from day one. We’ll constantly monitor its performance, making adjustments as necessary along the way, ensuring you receive the best possible results day in day out.

How do you get started?

At Oley Media Group, we have the experience to help you maximise the investment you make in Google AdWords. Getting you started involves:

  • Keyword analysis – we begin by analysing the keywords that people would use when searching for products and services that relate to your business. We then target those keywords and this results in good positioning and quality traffic.
  • Google AdWords account creation – our search engine specialist establishes, monitors and maintains your account and your ads; we keep it hassle free for you and maximise the benefits you receive.
  • Account optimisation – we tweak your ads; we use the right words in the right places, attracting the right traffic and adding to your appeal. We minimise wasted clicks and stretch your budget further.
  • Creation of landing pages – we create special pages designed to convert visitors into customers; we tailor the landing pages to suit the advertisement that was clicked on. This also increases your quality score.


What’s involved long term?

Partner with Oley Media Group long term – as Brisbane and Melbourne SEO specialists – and you’ll maximise the returns you receive from your Google AdWords investment. We’ll continue to test, adjust and optimise your ads to ensure you achieve your goals and maximise traffic.

We generally recommend running your Google AdWords campaign for three to six months.

Combine your Google AdWords with search engine optimisation to boost your visibility. Search engine optimisation is about getting your website listed in the main organic search results. Google AdWords is about getting your website listed alongside those results. Both involve targeting keywords. Having an overlap in your keywords does wonders for your search results.

For more information or a quote please contact us at Oley Media Group, we’re Brisbane and Melbourne SEO specialists – email or phone 1300 795 390.