Website hosting serversaustraliaDatacentre: The main datacentre is located within ServersAustralia in Sydney. The area is caged to prevent unauthorised access to our equipment. All network equipment and the network are monitored 24/7 to ensure all services remain on-line 24/7.

We have staff on call within the same building to ensure quick and immediate access should anything arise.

Some Features:
VESDA – Fire Protection
24/7/365 Security Monitoring
Emergency Stand-By Generator
24/7 Monitoring
On-Site Staff
Fibre Ring Access
Website Hosting Data Centre

The Network is relies on Cisco equipment with redundant dual load-balanced Cisco 7206 VXR routers.

MCI / Verizon
Pacific Internet
Pipe IX (QLD Peering)

All inks are located within the Pipe IX Datacentre to prevent loss of carriage via external sources. Each link has 2 uplinks within the datacentre to prevent any single point of network failure.